Digitalising Offshore Wind

In a zero-subsidy world, driving efficiencies must surely become a priority.

Our observation and experience of the existing landscape of the offshore wind industry’s evolution shows that significant and fast-paced growth has led to a vast array of challenges in windfarm construction, the maintenance of core components, and the driving of efficiencies into processes. However, this rapid growth has left a vast array of equipment which is unsystematically monitored, managed, and maintained, in part due to multiple changes in ownership and poorly documented handover processes.

Our digital solutions help plan, build, and operate more efficiently and include:

  • Digital twin
  • Operational risk planning
  • Marine co-ordination

Digital twin

Our digital twin solution R2S brings powerful capabilities to teams tasked with managing assets and project lifecycles; presenting any site data in real-world context to plan better and make decisions faster - saving time and money, improving safety, and enhancing collaboration.

Creating 360° virtual models embedded with data, R2S presents asset data in a real-world context and enables users to see a highly detailed representation of the asset.

Acting as a window to all data available on a particular asset,wind farm owners can integrate their own imagery and third party data such as drone footage and laser scans, giving a better representation of the asset to internal teams, contractors, and authorised stakeholders. Watch R2S in action

“We see huge value in the R2S software. Its digital twin technology allows us to remotely manage our assets using a like-for-like digital copy. We are excited about future developments and integrations with different data sources, which will help us manage our assets more effectively and efficiently.” - Vattenfall

Operational risk planning

Mermaid® is our operational risk planning tool designed to quantify and reduce the effect of metocean conditions on all aspects of marine operations.

Mermaid® provides increased understanding of the impact of weather and tidal forces on a project’s schedule to companies involved in marine operations. By accurately simulating marine operations against historical weather and tidal data, it enables enhanced decision-making in the early planning stages to support significant cost-savings through project optimisation.

“Mermaid is a comprehensive solution for our marine weather risk modelling. We need to know how much and for how long the weather will cost us, and Mermaid supplies the answers. It’s fully flexible, being able to model the smallest operations to large-scale programmes and its easy-to-use interface allows us to model fast, and iterate project plans quickly.” Anne Lina Holy, project simulation analyst at Vattenfall.

Marine coordination

OWMS® provides full operational insight to enable enhanced decision making for offshore activities for greater operational efficiency and cost-reduction.

Specifically designed for use during construction and O&M, OWMS® raises the standard of how complex offshore wind farm operations are managed. Its reporting system enables users to quantify efficiency and operational cost savings through a complete auditable performance and expenditure trail.

OWMS® tracks, monitors and reports on the performance of offshore vessels and activities to deliver an all-encompassing overview of a wind farm’s status. With the integration of numerous systems, it provides users with valuable information to ensure that vessels, personnel and other assets are utilised efficiently and cost effectively. Maximising the productivity of offshore wind farms has never been so easy.

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